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Interested in membership?

To join the ANZBP, please contact the ANZBP Program Manager. 

Please include in your email your contact details, your job title, organisation name and physical address and its category according to the below list.

Origins of the ANZBP

In 2006, with the recognition that biosolids management costs were at risk of rising considerably, key biosolids stakeholders from the water utility and regulatory sectors came together to form an industry body that would tackle projects and issues difficult for any one organisation to address. In 2007, the Australian Water Association (AWA) took up that proposal and secured funding support from 33 organisations to make the Australian and New Zealand Biosolids Partnership (ANZBP) a reality.

Member benefits

Joining the ANZBP provides access to information and professional technical advice on biosolids management from across the industry. Members are consulted to help direct key research projects overseen by the Partnership, ensuring the work is directly relevant to the industry. Membership will enable immediate access to ANZBP resources in the order of $600,000 value which have been developed over the lifetime of the Partnership. Membership operates at a corporate level, therefore all of your staff interested in biosolids can access member benefits.

Membership of the ANZBP provides full access to the online knowledge base which includes:

  • an advisory Toolkit for Community Consultation, Engagement and Communication
  • additional information on national and international guidelines
  • information on research under way in Australia
  • Research project results into fields such as odour, contaminants and carbon management
  • case studies and fact sheets
  • up to date biosolids production and management statistics for Australia and New Zealand
  • press and publications on biosolids in Australia and NZ specifically, and relevant international information
  • legal compliance register and manual

Other services provided include:

  • regular newsletter updates
  • communications support
  • networking opportunities and seminars with other members
  • event discounts and complementary event access

For further information on the benefits and products available by joining the ANZBP please download the brochure.

Criteria for membership

Any Australian or New Zealand based party with an interest in the sustainable management of biosolids are welcome to join the ANZBP. Individual membership is welcome as well.

Current membership is diverse and includes representatives from:

  • Water Utilities
  • Biosolids Regulators
  • Users (e.g. agriculture, industry)
  • Research institutions
  • Consultants/Contractors

Annual Subscription

Members are charged an annual subscription amount based on the scale of their organisation (number of employees). An initial three year commitment is sought from new members.

The fee structure below lays out what organisations of various scales can expect to pay annually:

  • Student membership (requires a valid student email address) – $200 per year for three years
  • Academic institutions & regulators – $1,000 per year for three years
  • Small organisations (<10 staff) – $ 2,000 per year for three years
  • Medium organisations (10-100 staff) – $ 5,000 per year for three years
  • Large organisations (100+ staff) – $10,000 per year for three years