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ANZBP Roadshows

The ANZBP regularly holds workshops around Australia and New Zealand exploring developments in biosolids management and research. Please refer to the Events page for further information and dates of upcoming events.

If you would like to attend, present at or host a future Roadshow, please email the ANZBP Team.

Melbourne – October 2018

A Roadshow presented in partnership with Melbourne Water. Presentations from Bill Wood, TasWater; Derek Van Rhys, Sydney Water; Kelly Hopewell, City of Gold Coast; Ellen Tao, Melbourne Water and a tour of the Melbourne Water Western Treatment Plant. 

RMIT Biosolids Conference 2017

Please follow this link to the dedicated webpage for this event where you will find the conference proceedings available to download.

Adelaide – May 2017

This workshop and Bolivar WWTP site visit explored biosolids in an South Australian context as well as looking at several emergent themes impacting upon today’s industry. 

ANZBP and its role in shaping Australia’s beneficial use of biosolids

Paul Darvodelsky, ANZBP Chair

How we manage biosolids at SA Water

Dr Nirmala Dinesh – SA Water

Greenhouse gas emissions and soil carbon sequestration (A South Australian Case Study)

Norman Goh, PhD Candidate, University of South Australia

Insights from ANZBP research into the national picture on emerging contaminants in biosolids

Kelly Hopewell, Gold Coast Water and Waste

Discussion on regulatory perspectives on emerging contaminants in biosolids

Dr Shaun Thomas, SA EPA

Palmerston North, New Zealand – November 2016

Biosolids: International, National and Regional scales – presented in partnership with Lowe Environmental Impact and the Centre for Integrated Biowaste Research

Biosolids: a New Zealand perspective on volume, treatment and re-use
Hamish Lowe (LEI)

Biosolids: an Australian perspective on volume, treatment and re-use
Nicola Helme (ANZBP)

 How do you approach working within the regulations?
Katie Beecroft (LEI)

The regulation and policy perspective: what will the new NZ guidelines mean to you?
Nick Walmsley (WaterNZ)

Creating an impactful regional strategy
Jacqui Horswell (ESR/CIBR)

Launceston – November 2013

TasWater Overview
Dharma Dharmabalan, Bill Wood, Brendan Hanigan & Damien Finn – TasWater

Water Corporation land application lessons
Nancy Penney – Water Corp, WA

Biosolids – from catchment to catchment
Karen Campisano – AECOM

Biosolids Management at Barwon Water
Michael Naughton – Barwon Water, Vic

Tasmanian Biosolids Regulation
Stephen Gallagher – EPA / DPIWPE

Newcastle – February 2013

Biosolids Management at Hunter Water Corporation
Frances Rutledge – Hunter Water

Water Corporation Biosolids Program
Nancy Penney – Water Corporation of WA

Odour Management – Sulfurous Compounds
Richard Stuetz – UNSW Water Research Centre

Emerging Paradigms in Biosolids Management
Dr Bill Barber – AECOM

Melbourne – December 2012


Biosolids in Australia – A Historical Perspective
Daryl Stevens – Atura Pty Ltd

Biosolids Regulations in Victoria – Current Approach and the Future
Stephen Lansdell – EPA Victoria

Biosolids Management at Barwon Water
Michael Naughton – Barwon Water

Sustainable Utilization of Nutrients Biosolids
Firew Beshah – RMIT

Biosolids – Survival of Pathogens During Storage
Andy Ball – RMIT

Biosolids – Inorganic Pollutants
Roger Wrigley – University of Melbourne

Organic Pollutants in Australian Biosolids
Brad Clarke – RMIT

Biosolids – Climate Change & the Carbon Tax
Dr Bill Barber – AECOM

Win-win Scenarios for Research & Industry
Aravind Surapaneni – South East Water

Results of Audience Polling – Biosolids Issues

Geelong – February 2012

Biosolids Management at Barwon Water
Michael Naughton – Barwon Water

Biosolids Management at South East Water
Aravind Surapaneni – South East Water

Biosolids – a renewable resource
Dr Bill Barber – AECOM

Canberra – October 2011

Carbon impacts of biosolids treatment
Dr Bill Barber – AECOM

Hobart – March 2011

Biosolids Management in Tasmania
Brendan Hanigan – Southern Water

Beneficial Use of Biosolids in Cement Production
Karen Campisano – Melbourne Water

Perth – October 2010

Odour Reduction in Biosolids – project overview
Dr Yolanta Gruchlik – Curtin Water Quality Research Centre (CWQRC)

DNA profiling for biosolids and sludge
Dr Deborah Pritchard  – Curtin University

Use of Biosolids as a Geotechnical Fill
Karen Campisano – Melbourne Water

ANZBP Project 1 – Regulatory Review and Biosolids Data Project
Paul Darvodelsky – Pollution Solutions & Design

ANZBP Project 2 – Community Attitudinal Research
Greg Priest – Australian Water Association

ANZBP Project 3 – Literature Compendium
Mike Mclaughlin – CSIRO

How to get involved in the ANZBP
Greg Priest – Australian Water Association