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Upcoming ANZBP Events

ANZBP Biosolids Webinar November 2021

Join us on Thursday 11 November from 12:00 pm to 1.00 pm for this webinar to hear from our presenters about the updates on sustainable use of biosolids on agricultural land and emerging chemical contaminants and microplastic in biosolids.

This webinar will include presentations:

Dr Doris Blaesing, Associate – RM Consulting Group (RMCG)

Presentation: Sustainable use of Biosolids on Agricultural Land – Benefits and risks relating to phosphorus

Doris has extensive experience in managing business development, RD&E and resource management projects. Her strengths are concept development, problem-solving, multi-disciplinary project management, strategic planning, and complexity. She understands the agricultural opportunities and environmental challenges of reusing organic ‘wastes’ on agricultural land based on her work over many years. This includes regulated materials as well as organics from other sources. Doris currently is project director of a consortium developing the Organics Strategy for the Tasmanian Government. Doris uses her technical expertise and industry knowledge to build capacity, drive innovation, develop leadership, foster resilience and increase profitability for her clients.

Ms Zoe Rogers, Water Quality Scientist, Hunter Water

Presentation: Emerging chemical contaminants and microplastics in biosolids

Zoe has 15 years of experience in the water and wastewater sector across government and consulting roles and currently working as an Environmental Scientist at Hunter Water Corporation, NSW, with the following focus areas: source control of contaminants in wastewater, particularly in Trade Wastes; impacts of contaminants in treated effluent and biosolids on aquatic and terrestrial environments.

Information Summary

Event Type: Webinar

November 11, 2021, 12:00 to 1:00pm

Availability: ANZBP members

Event register at: https://awa-asn.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJ0vd-ippjgoHtz7LU_Ms4J16eBQfyKWi-Ho

Please note: the webinar will commence at 12.00 pm (Sydney Time), running for approximately 60 minutes and will include presentations followed by Q&A.  

ANZBP Biosolids Webinar September 2021

Join us on Thursday 02 September from 12:00 pm to 1.30 pm for this webinar to hear from our presenters about the risk management tool for biosolids reuse in Australia and the most recent update on the PFAS National Environment Management Plan (PFAS NEMP 3.0)​. 

This webinar will include presentations from: 

PresentationBiosolids Quantitative Risk Assessment – Land application of solid products from the water reclamation process – residual risk management  

Co-presented by: Daryl Stevens (Atura), Philip Wilkie (Melbourne Water), Q&A by Nick O’Connor (Ecos Environmental Consulting) 

Dr Daryl Stevens (B. Appl.Sc.(Hon1), PhD), Principal Scientist/Managing Director – Atura Pty Ltd

Dr Stevens has worked extensively for the National Environmental Protection Council as Coordinator and Scientific Services for the Environmental Risk component of the Australian Guidelines for Water Recycling (Phase 1, 2B and 2C).  He has help drafted several state and federal guidelines related to irrigation, recycled water, rainwater and greywater, and published extensively in books and scientific peer-reviewed journals in these areas. Dr Stevens and his company (Atura Pty Ltd) consults extensively across Australia in establishing and operating recycled water schemes (urban and rural) and the beneficial use of biosolids. The risk management strategy used ensures compliance with the state and Australian guidelines and other potential risks identified to ensure low risk to the environment and human health. 

Mr Philip WilkieSenior Engineer, Treatment and Resources, Integrated Planning – Melbourne Water 

As part of the Strategic Planning team, Philip is involved with the reuse, management and risk analysis of the various product and waste streams that are produced by Melbourne Water.  He developed and implemented the initial Melbourne Water program of broad acre land application of biosolids from its theoretical beginning through to handing over a robust process that has become a 50,000 dry tonne per annum biosolids reuse program.  His experience in chemical and hazard risk management is currently being used in the just completed Environmental Risk Assessments of the impacts to the receiving waters of Port Phillip Bay and Bay Strait from the discharges from the Western and Eastern Treatment Plants, respectively.  He quite likes chocolate. 

Dr Nick O’Connor (BSc Hons, PhD), Director – Ecos Environmental Consulting  

Nick has over 30 years of experience in environmental management, and he has been involved in environmental studies covering such areas as major construction developments, water recycling, water supplies, recreational water use, catchment management, and development of environmental and human health water quality guidelines.  Nick has combined his skills in ecology, public health microbiology, quantitative risk modelling, chemical fate assessments, and risk analysis to become a leading exponent of human health and ecological risk assessment in Australia. 

PresentationPFAS and Biosolids – update to the PFAS National Environment Management Plan (PFAS NEMP 3.0)​ 

Dr Shaun Thomas (BSc Hons, PhD), Principal Adviser Wastewater – South Australian Environment Protection Authority 

Shaun has 18 years of experience at the EPA in a number of roles and has worked in both environmental risk assessment and, more recently, regulation of a range of wastewater focused industries. This has included licensing of municipal wastewater treatment facilities and oversight of processes enabling beneficial reuse of different waste streams (recycled water & biosolids). In addition, Shaun has been a member of the National Chemicals Working Group under HEPA, which has prepared the PFAS National Environment Management Plan 2.0, is leading some of the water-focused work going into the next version of the PFAS NEMP. 

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Event Type: Webinar 

September 02, 2021, 12:00pm to 1:30pm 

Availability: ANZBP members 

Event register at: https://awa-asn.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJIqdeChrjwuGNwyPiK0Bbjo_vqA8Us9T8Fn

Please note: the webinar will commence at 12.00 pm (Sydney Time), running for approximately 90 minutes and will include presentations followed by Q&A.   

Full details, including links to the webinar platform, will be sent to registered attendees. 

The webinar will be recorded, and the recording will be provided to registered attendees. 

ANZBP Biosolids Webinar July 2021

Join us on Thursday 22 July from 12:00 pm to 1.30 pm for this webinar to hear from our presenters about the production and reuse of biosolids in Australia and some emerging treatment technology options.
This webinar will include presentations from:
Dr Glenn Dale, Managing Director and Chief Technical Officer at Verterra
Presentation: Soil carbon farming for profit and the planet
Glenn is the founder and Managing Director of Verterra Ecological Engineering, Adjunct Associate Professor with the University of Southern Queensland, and a founding member of Foresters without Borders management committee.  Glenn holds degrees in forestry and biochemistry, an MBA and PhD in Molecular & Quantitative Genetics.  Glenn has over 32 years’ experience in natural resource management and ecological engineering, with broad international experience including New Zealand, China, USA, England, Spain, Portugal, Malaysia, Colombia, Brazil, Tanzania and Rwanda.  Glenn has particular expertise in plant water use, plant nutrition, degraded land and mine site rehabilitation, soil conservation, carbon sequestration and erosion management relevant to beneficial use of biosolids as a valuable nutrition and soil conditioning product.
Lauren Randall, Program Lead Biosolids & Resources at Hunter Water
Presentation: Taking Care of “Business” – Biosolids Management: a Utility’s Perspective.
As Hunter Water’s Program Lead Biosolids and Resources, Lauren is leading the development of Hunter Water’s long-term biosolids strategy. To ensure sustainable and resilient biosolids management, she recognizes the need for an innovative and adaptive approach that can address future challenges and has the flexibility to embrace opportunities for improved environmental, social and economic outcomes for communities. With nearly two decades of experience in the water industry, Lauren has managed a diverse range of engineering and environmental studies, led stakeholder engagement programs and developed decision-making frameworks to incorporate a variety of financial, technical, environmental and social factors.
Dr Charles Foster, CEO of IQ Energy Australia, Shareholder and Director of IQ Energy Canada
Presentation: Advanced Thermal Solutions for Sludges and Biosolids  
Dr Foster has worked over more than three decades in veterinary science and agriculture, corporate business, and academia before investing in IQ Energy Inc and setting up IQ Energy Australia. IQ Energy Australia is an innovative environmental technologies company focused on repurposing biosolids, sludges and other waste streams into clean, renewable, and valuable resources, using modular advanced drying and thermal treatment. IQ Energy’s indirect thermal dryer and gasification solution was developed for the wastewater treatment sector, using various heat pathways to turn sludges, into valuable ‘resources’ for the growing circular economy.  Its modular and scalable design allows it to be deployed on-site in a variety of communities, dealing with waste locally, adding value, reducing odor and decreasing the number of trucks on the roads.  
Information Summary
Event Type: Webinar
July 22, 2021, 12:00 to 1:30pm
Availability: ANZBP members
Please note: the webinar will commence at 12.00 pm (Sydney Time) running for approximately 90 minutes and will include presentations followed by Q&A.  
Full details including links to the webinar platform will be sent to registered attendees.
The webinar will be recorded, and the recording will be provided to registered attendees.

Biosolids National Conference

​This biannual conference will examine key developments in the industry with a focus on the relationships between the industry and the broader community and the opportunity for greater collaboration and the establishment of a two-way conversation in order to build a sustainable relationship. 

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