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RMIT Biosolids IV Workshop – August 2017

This biannual one day event connects research and industry players from right across the national and international biosolids industry to spark debate, share innovations and connect people with a shared commitment to progression in the industry. Please click on the links below to access the presenters’ slides. If you have any questions for individual presenters and their email address is not provided on their slide deck, please contact admin@biosolids.com.au. 

Keynote speakers

Professor Stephen Smith (Imperial College) –  UK Food Standards Agency investigations of emerging contaminants and grazing animals (No slides available)

Professor Ian Pepper (University of Arizona) – Biosolids and antibiotic resistance

Research in focus

Professor Richard Stuetz (UNSW)Changing the conversation about biosolids odour management

Dr Deborah Pritchard (Curtin University) – Sludge stabilisation quality in regional wastewater treatment plants

Dr Graham Brodie (Melbourne University)Microwave pyrolysis of biosolids 

Norman Goh (University of South Australia)The realities of biosolids for soil carbon sequestration

Dr Geoff Fowler (Imperial College)Sewage sludge as source of activated carbon for the removal of EDCs in wastewater

Vivek Balakrishnan Ravindran (RMIT University)A modified assay to detect and enumerate ascaris eggs from fresh raw sewage

Dr Aruna Ukwatta Pitiye (RMIT University)A promising approach of incorporating biosolids into bricks

Dr Bradley Clarke (RMIT University) – Emerging contaminants: PFAS, PBDEs and plastics

Industry in focus

Dr Jessica Drake (EPA Victoria) – Biosolids research at EPA: linking science and policy

Josh Godbee (NSW EPA) – Review of the NSW Biosolids Guidelines – a brief snapshot (no slides available)

Elliot Lee (Water Corporation)Use of biosolids in WA

Lisa Rawlinson (Loop Organic) – Thirty years in the field

Rachael Nuttall (SUEZ)Biomethane: a carbon neutral natural gas

Petra Reeve – (SA Water)Reduced storage times for pathogen inactivation in Class A biosolids at Bolivar (Dinesh/Keegan/Reeve at SA Water)

Dr Michael Short (University of South Australia)National guideline reform

Richard Lovett (Melbourne Water) – Eastern treatment plant digestion capacity upgrade – influence of site-specific factors on option selection

Kelly Hopewell (City of Gold Coast) – ANZBP evaluation of emerging contaminants including PFAS (no slides available)

Panel Discussion 

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Poll question results – 2017