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The mission of the Australian and New Zealand Biosolids Partnership is to support sustainable biosolids management.
The intent of the ANZBP is to create resources by which the opportunities and risks associated with biosolids can be identified, assessed, and managed, and that biosolids managers can respond effectively to the changing social and regulatory environment.

The strategic objectives of the ANZBP are therefore to:

  • Support engagement with the public and other stakeholders with respect to the sustainable management of biosolids in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Support the Australian and New Zealand biosolids industry on technical and regulatory policy matters.
  • Provide support services and information for members, the public and stakeholders.
  • Participate in an international network of parties interested in the sustainable management of biosolids.
  • Maintain a viable membership of interested parties to enable the ANZBP to deliver its objectives.

In 2017/18 the key activities of the ANZBP are:

Key activities fall into our three focus categories:

  1. Improving knowledge around Biosolids
    • Administer an online biosolids research exchange
    • Commission biosolids research to progress knowledge in the industry
    • Develop our relationships with international biosolids organisations to share international knowledge and best practice with our membership.
    • Maintain and expand the ANZBP membership to engage more organisations in current biosolids news, research, collaboration and discussion.
  2. Advocacy and communication. 
    • Implement a communications strategy which targets and informs key external stakeholders about sustainable, beneficial use of biosolids
    • Represent the industry in the continued development of waste management and biosolids regulations at a state, national and international level.
    • Deliver a roadshow program for members and key sector stakeholders
    • Support the delivery of the AWA Biosolids Conference 2019
  1. Supporting members. 
    • Communicate with members to provide support and share resources useful for progressing their work in sustainable biosolids use and give regular updates on key news and issues facing the industry
    • Build on the redeveloped ANZBP website to enhance user experience
    • Provide (specific and limited) legal and technical support to the ANZBP Members